Hive Hosting

By keeping a hive at home you're contributing to the process of pollination and helping to maintain a healthy bee population.

When you host a hive, all the hard work is removed, as we ensure the colony is properly looked after. You are most welcome to join us on regular inspections to see what goes on inside the hive!

Remember that bees produce honey as a source of stored carbohydrates to tide them over during winter and periods of drought. However, we are able to harvest some of this precious resource, and as a reward for hosting the hive, you will be gifted with 25% of the honey yield every year.
We will visit the hive every 3 weeks to perform a hive health check and monitoring signs of honey production.The honey will be extracted and  coarsely filtered before delivery. A honey bucket with a honey gate may need to be purchased to store your honey.

If you wish to learn how to manage a hive and continue beekeeping then we recommend you also purchase some protective beekeeping gear.


An annual fee of $450 applies to cover the costs associated with the management of the hive. These costs include;

  • Initial site assessment and ensuring compliance with Code of Practice for Urban Beekeeping in Tasmania

  • Hive monitoring and inspection visits 

  • Extraction of honey 

  • Re-queening of the hive

  • Transport costs to and from hive locations

  • Hive maintenance and replacement as required


 Please contact us on the Say Hello page if you would like more information or are interested in hosting a hive.

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